This week we are sending the 100th issue of Board Observers Weekly – with the same excitement as the 1st issue on February 25th, 2014. Our mission is still the same and seems even more relevant now: with dozens of articles and posts published each week, how to make sure startup founders, investors and employees focus on the most insightful stuff? We curate the best posts and have them sent to your inbox, each Tuesday – subscribe here if you’re interested!

 Without further ado, here’s the list of the 10 most clicked articles so far:

This is the top of the crop, but we’re glad to see that across all articles and posts we have included, 98.8% were clicked at least once. Sometimes we think we should actually include more links, but anything below 90% would defeat our purpose – and of course we have no guarantee a click leads to a subscriber actually reading the article.

Among the remaining 1.2%: Paul Graham’s analysis of startup hubs, Keynes’ 1930 paper on the Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, and this documentary on the worldwide phenomenon of e-sports. Each issue helps understand better what readers like and what they don’t: some things we love just don’t interest subscribers!

One final word: thank you for reading (OvO)